SEMI International Standards
Standards Locale: North America
Committee: Traceability
Place of Meeting: OVTCCM
Date of Meeting: 07/19/2023
Meeting End Date: 07/19/2023
Recording SEMI Standards Staff: Michelle Sun
CER Posted to Web: 08/02/2023

Leadership Changes

Previous Leader
New Leader
License Server Certification Task Force [New]Sashi Subramanian (Cadence)

Committee Structure Changes

Previous WG/TF/SC Name
New WG/TF/SC Name or Status Change
License Server Certification Task Force [New]

Ballot Results

Document #
Document Title
TC Chapter Action
A&R Forms for Approved Ballots
7060Reapproval of SEMI T17-0706 (Reapproved 0718), Specification of Substrate TraceabilityPassedAR - 7060.pdfAR - 7060.pdf
7061Reapproval of SEMI T10-0701 (Reapproved 0618), Test Method for the Assessment of 2D Data Matrix Direct Mark QualityPassedAR - 7061.pdfAR - 7061.pdf
7062Reapproval of SEMI T18-1106 (Reapproved 0718), Specification of Parts and Components TraceabilityFailed
Note 1: Passed ballots and line items will be submitted to the ISC Audit & Review Subcommittee for procedural review.

Note 2: Failed ballots and line items were returned to the originating task forces for re-work and re-balloting or abandoning.

Ratification Ballot Results

Activities Approved by the GCS between meetings of TC Chapter meeting

Authorized Activities

Authorized Ballots

7136Cycle 7-20235-Year Review TFReapproval of SEMI T3-1213 (Reapproved 0419), Specification for Wafer Box Labels

SNARF(s) Granted a One-Year Extension

SNARF(s) Abolished

Standard(s) to receive Inactive Status

Standard Designation
SEMI T18-1106 (Reapproved 0718)Specification of Parts and Components Traceability

Special Announcements of the Committee (Workshops, Programs, etc.)

Next Meeting

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 15, 2023, at SEMI HQ, Milpitas. See for the current list of events.