SEMI International Standards
Standards Locale: North America
Committee: Silicon Wafer
Place of Meeting: Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA
Date of Meeting: 07/11/2023
Meeting End Date: 07/11/2023
Recording SEMI Standards Staff: Kevin Nguyen
CER Posted to Web: 07/19/2023

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TC Chapter Action
A&R Forms for Approved Ballots
6957,Line Item Revision of SEMI M52 - Guide for Specifying Scanning Surface Inspection Systems for Silicon Wafers for the 130 nm to 5 nm Technology Generations Passed as balloted
6982,Revision to SEMI M78-0618 Guide For Determining Nanotopography Of Unpatterned Silicon Wafers For The 130 nm to 22 nm Generations In High Volume Manufacturing Passed as balloted
6984,Line item revision of SEMI M050-1116, Test Method for Determining Capture Rate and False Count Rate for Surface Scanning Inspection Systems by the Overlay MethodPassed as balloted
6985,Reapproval of SEMI MF1390, Test Method for Measuring Bow and Warp on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact ScanningPassed as balloted
6986,Reapproval of SEMI M43, Guide for Reporting Wafer NanotopographyPassed as balloted
6987,Reapproval of SEMI M84, Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers for Gallium Nitride-On-Silicon ApplicationsPassed as balloted
6988,Reapproval of SEMI MF1048-0217 Test Method For Measuring Reflective Total Integrated ScatterPassed as balloted
6989,Reapproval of SEMI M40, Guide for Measurement of Roughness of Planar Surfaces on Polished WafersPassed as balloted
6990,Reapproval of SEMI ME1392, Guide for Angle Resolved Optical Scatter Measurements on Specular or Diffuse SurfacesPassed as balloted
7025,Line Item Revision of SEMI MF1529-1110: Test Method for “Sheet Resistance Uniformity Evaluation by In-Line Four-Point Probe with the Dual-Configuration Procedure” Passed as balloted
7029,Reapproval of SEMI M61-0612 (Reapproved 0319)Specification for Silicon Epitaxial Wafers with Buried Layers Passed as balloted
7030,Reapproval of SEMI MF95-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Thickness of Lightly Doped Silicon Epitaxial Layers on Heavily Doped Silicon Substrates Using an Infrared Dispersive Spectrophotometer Passed as balloted
7031,Reapproval of SEMI MF950-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Measuring the Depth of Crystal Damage of a Mechanically Worked Silicon Wafer Surface by Angle Polished and Defect Etching Passed as balloted
7032,Reapproval of SEMI MF84-0312 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Measuring Resistivity of Silicon Wafers With an In-Line Four-Point Probe Passed as balloted
7033,Reapproval of SEMI MF672-0412 (Reapproved 1018) Guide for Measuring Resistivity Profiles Perpendicular to the Surface of a Silicon Wafer Using a Spreading Resistance Probe Passed as balloted
7034,Reapproval of SEMI MF671-0312 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Measuring Flat Length on Wafers of Silicon and Other Electronic Materials Passed as balloted
7035,Reapproval of SEMI MF576-0812 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Measurement of Insulator Thickness and Refractive Index on Silicon Substrates by Ellipsometry Passed as balloted
7036,Reapproval of SEMI MF533-0310 (Reapproved 0416) Test Method for Thickness and Thickness Variation of Silicon Wafers Passed as balloted
7037,Reapproval of SEMI MF525-0312 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Measuring Resistivity of Silicon Wafers Using a Spreading Resistance Probe Passed as balloted
7038,Reapproval of SEMI MF523-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Practice for Unaided Visual Inspection of Polished Silicon Wafer Surfaces Passed as balloted
7039,Reapproval of SEMI MF397-0812 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Resistivity of Silicon Bars Using a Two-Point Probe Passed as balloted
7040,Reapproval of SEMI MF374-0312 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Sheet Resistance of Silicon Epitaxial, Diffused, Polysilicon, and Ion-implanted Layers Using an In-Line Four-Point Probe with the Single-Configuration Procedure Passed as balloted
7041,Reapproval of SEMI MF26-0714E Test Method for Determining the Orientation of a Semiconductive Single Crystal Passed as balloted
7042,Reapproval of SEMI MF2074-0912 (Reapproved 0718) Guide for Measuring Diameter of Silicon and Other Semiconductor Wafers Passed as balloted
7043,Reapproval of SEMI MF1982-0317 Test Method for Analyzing Organic Contaminants on Silicon Wafer Surfaces by Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography Passed as balloted
7044,Reapproval of SEMI MF1763-0318 Test Method for Measuring Contrast of a Linear Polarizer Passed as balloted
7045,Reapproval of SEMI MF1630-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Low Temperature FT-IR Analysis of Single Crystal Silicon for III-V Impurities Passed as balloted
7046,Reapproval of SEMI MF1619-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Measurement of Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon Wafers by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy with p-Polarized Radiation Incident at the Brewster AnglePassed as balloted
6958,Reapproval of SEMI M21-0318 Guide for Assigning Addresses to Rectangular Elements in a Cartesian Array Passed as balloted
6983,Revision for SEMI M49-0918 With Title Change To: Guide for Specifying Geometry Measurement Systems for Silicon Wafers for the 130 nm To 3 nm technology generationsFailed and returned to TF for rework and reballot
7072,Reapproval of SEMI MF1569-0307 (Reapproved 0718) Guide for Generation of Consensus Reference Materials for Semiconductor TechnologyPassed as balloted
7073,Reapproval of SEMI MF1527-0412 (Reapproved 1018) Guide for Application of Certified Reference Materials and Reference Wafers for Calibration and Control of Instruments for Measuring Resistivity of SiliconPassed as balloted
7074,Reapproval of SEMI MF1392-0307 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Determining Net Carrier Density Profiles in Silicon Wafers by Capacitance-Voltage Measurements with a Mercury ProbePassed as balloted
7075,Reapproval of SEMI MF1391-1107 (Reapproved 0912) Test Method for Substitutional Atomic Carbon Content of Silicon by Infrared AbsorptionPassed as balloted
7076,Reapproval of SEMI MF1388-0707 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Generation Lifetime and Generation Velocity of Silicon Material by Capacitance-Time Measurements of Metal-Oxide-Silicon (MOS) CapacitorsPassed as balloted
7077,Reapproval of SEMI MF1366-0308 (Reapproved 1018) Test Method for Measuring Oxygen Concentration in Heavily Doped Silicon Substrates by Secondary Ion Mass SpectrometryPassed as balloted
7078,Reapproval of SEMI MF1188-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption With Short BaselinePassed as balloted
7079,Reapproval of SEMI MF110-1107 (Reapproved 0718) Test Method for Thickness of Epitaxial or Diffused Layers in Silicon by the Angle Lapping and Staining TechniquePassed as balloted
7080,Reapproval of SEMI MF1049-0308 (Reapproved 1018) Practice for Shallow Etch Pit Detection on Silicon WafersPassed as balloted
7081,Reapproval of SEMI M8-0312 (Reapproved 0718) Specification for Polished Monocrystalline Silicon Test WafersPassed as balloted
7082,Reapproval of SEMI M56-1018 Practice for Determining Cost Components for Metrology Equipment Due to Measurement Variability and BiasPassed as balloted
7083Reapproval of SEMI M38-0312 (Reapproved 0718) Specification for Polished Reclaimed Silicon WafersPassed as balloted

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