SEMI International Standards
Standards Locale: Japan
Committee: 3D Packaging and Integration
Place of Meeting: OVTCCM
Date of Meeting: 06/21/2023
Meeting End Date: 06/21/2023
Recording SEMI Standards Staff: Mami Nakajo
CER Posted to Web: 07/04/2023

Leadership Changes

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Ballot Results

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Document Title
TC Chapter Action
A&R Forms for Approved Ballots
6994Reapproval of SEMI G89-0211 (Reapproved 0318) Specification for Leadframe Strip SizePassed as balloted6994_Ballot Report_final.pdf6994_Ballot Report_final.pdf
6995Reapproval of SEMI G71-0996 (Reapproved 0318) Specification for Barcode Marking of Intermediate Containers for Packaging MaterialsPassed as balloted
6996Reapproval of SEMI G69-0996 (Reapproved 0318): Test Method for Measurement of Adhesive Strength Between Leadframes and Molding CompoundsPassed as balloted6996_Ballot Report_final.pdf6996_Ballot Report_final.pdf
6997Reapproval of SEMI G90-0811 (Reapproved 0318): Specification for 300 mm Wafer Coin-Stack Type Shipping Container Used for Test and Packaging ProcessesPassed as balloted6997_Ballot Report_final.pdf6997_Ballot Report_final.pdf
6998Reapproval of SEMI G66-96 (Reapproved 0318):Test Method for the Measurement of Water Absorption Characteristics for Semiconductor PlasticPassed as balloted6998_Ballot Report_final.pdf6998_Ballot Report_final.pdf
6999Reapproval of SEMI G23-0996 (Reapproved 0318): Test Method of Inductance for Internal Traces of Semiconductor PackagesPassed as balloted6999_Ballot Report_final.pdf6999_Ballot Report_final.pdf

Ratification Ballot Results

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Next Meeting
Tuesday, September 5,2023,13:30-15:30 [JST] @ OVTCCM.