SEMI International Standards
Standards Locale: North America
Committee: Physical Interfaces & Carriers
Place of Meeting: Moscone Center, San Francisco, California/USA
Date of Meeting: 07/12/2023
Meeting End Date: 07/12/2023
Recording SEMI Standards Staff: Laura Nguyen
CER Posted to Web: 07/28/2023

Leadership Changes

Committee Structure Changes

Previous WG/TF/SC Name
New WG/TF/SC Name or Status Change
Packaging Tape Frame Handling Task ForceFilm Frame FOUP (FFF) Task Force

Ballot Results

Ratification Ballot Results

Activities Approved by the GCS between meetings of TC Chapter meeting

Authorized Activities

Listing of all revised or new SNARF(s) and TFOF(s) approved by the Originating TC Chapter.
TFOFFilm Frame FOUP TFRevised TFOF for Packaging Tape Frame Handling Task Force to new TF name as Film Frame FOUP (FFF) TF
6896SNARFFilm Frame FOUP TFNew Standard: Specification for 300 mm Frame Carrier FOUP
(Revised SNARF to reflect change in TF name)
#1: SNARFs and TFOFs are available for review on the SEMI Web site at:

Authorized Ballots

SNARF(s) Granted a One-Year Extension

SNARF(s) Abolished

Standard(s) to receive Inactive Status

Standard Designation
SEMI E19Specification for Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
SEMI E19.1Specification for 100 mm (4 inch) Port for Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
SEMI E19.2Specification for 125 mm (5 inch) Port for Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
SEMI E19.3Specification for 150 mm (6 inch) Port for Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
SEMI E19.4Specification for 200 mm Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
SEMI E111Specification for a 150 mm Reticle SMIF Pod (RSP150) Used to Transport and Store a 6 Inch Reticle
SEMI E112Specification for a 150 mm Multiple Reticle SMIF Pod (MRSP150) Used to Transport and Store Multiple 6 Inch Reticles
SEMI E117Specification for Reticle Load Port
#1: Inactive, adj. — Status of a Standard or Safety Guideline that is not currently supported by the GTC. [Regulations 4.2.19]

Special Announcements of the Committee (Workshops, Programs, etc.)

Next Meeting

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the week of November 6-9, in conjunction with SEMI Standards NA Fall Meetings 2023. Schedule details TBD. Please check for updates.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Tuesday, November 7
    13:00-16:00 (tentative), Packaging Tape Frame Handling TF
    15:00-16:00, Electron Microscopy Workflow TF
    16:00-17:00, SEMI E72 Revision TF
  • Wednesday, November 8
    09:00-10:00, Global PIC Maintenance TF
    10:00-12:00 Noon, PIC NA TC Chapter Meeting