SEMI International Standards
Task Force Organization Form (TFOF)

Task Force Name: PV Materials Task Force

Global Technical Committee: Photovoltaic (PV) - Materials
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America

1. Charter:

1. Identify standardization needs and priorities for specifications, guidelines and procedures related to Materials that become an integral part of a PV “device” e.g. cells, modules, etc.

Examples of such material include, but are not limited to: substrates, TCO films, optical enhancement films, conductive interconnect, insulator materials, absorber films, PVB, EVA, backsheet, sputtering targets, starting material e.g. UMG Si, Poly-si, etc.

Specifically excluded: Bulk Chemicals, Gases and Water; these are already addressed in a separate TF

2. Ensure this activity supports the PV Standards Roadmap.

2. Scope:
1.Survey PV producers, material suppliers, other SDOs (e,g, ASTM, etc.) consortia (e.g. NREL, NIST, etc.) and DOE interests to validate and prioritize the prospective materials list.
2.Develop a list of key players to support the TF efforts.
3.Find leaders for selected TF activities.
4.Generate a document development plan

3. Formal linkages with Task Forces in other Regions:
Europe – tbd
Japan – tbd
Taiwan – tbd
Korea - tbd

4. Approval:
Task Force formed on: 07/16/2009