SEMI International Standards
Task Force Organization Form (TFOF)

Task Force Name: Module Vibration Test Method Task Force

Global Technical Committee: Photovoltaic
Originating Technical Committee Region: Taiwan

1. Charter:

To develop technical standard specifications and guidelines related to vibration test methods and characterization of PV modules due to vibrational stress.

2. Scope:

1. Identify relevant modes for a module to withstand the vibrational stresses in different physical scenarios.
2. Develop standard techniques and methods to simulate these stress modes.
3. Develop standard techniques and methods to measure the degradation from the test.
4. Provide standard classification procedures and guidelines to differentiate the vibration endurance of a module.

3. Formal linkages with Task Forces in other Regions:

EU/JAPAN/NA PV Committee

4. Approval:
Task Force formed on: 09/09/2009