SEMI International Standards
Date Prepared: 09/22/2008Revised (if Applicable): 10/26/2009

Name of Task Force (TF): PV Gases and Liquids Chemicals Purity Task Force

Global Technical Committee: Photovoltaic (PV) - Materials
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America

1. Charter: (State the objective of the proposed TF.)
To research, identify and develop a variety of standards for gases and chemicals purity aimed at providing the PV industry with useful documentation defining purity levels and removing the ambiguity in what might be produced and provided while leveling the playing field for suppliers and end-users alike.
2. Scope: (Define the specific activities that the TF will conduct.)
A TF would be formed consisting of suppliers of raw materials, tool manufacturers and end-users with the goal of surveying the industry. We would navigate some of the SEMI standards, see what applies, pick low grade bulk gases in the beginning, create a list of gases used as well as asking questions about surface finishes and other specified component needs within gas delivery. Following this, the TF would create the necessary documents. Once we are successful with bulk gases we will address all other needs (specialty gases, water, chemicals) in a similar manner.
3. Formal linkages with TFs in other Regions/Locales: (Show each associated TF and its parent global technical committee; indicate nature of relationship – global TF, observer TF, etc.)
Some overlap with members of the Taiwanese and European PV efforts will occur.
4. Formation Date:(TF formed on)

Task Force formed on:
Task Force approved by Committee/GCS on: 09/15/2008