SEMI International Standards
SEMI New Activity Report Form (SNARF)

Activity Number: 5265
SNARF for: New Standard: Specification for 150 mm Diameter Sapphire Wafers for HB-LED Applications

Originating Global Technical Committee: HB-LED
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America
Task Force in which work is to be carried out: HB-LED Wafer

1. Rationale: Sapphire wafers are widely used in producing HB-LED devices that are used in multiple applications e.g. LCD backlights, Signage and Solid State Lighting. Improving manufacturing efficiency and cost reductions are critical elements in enabling continued industry advance. 150 mm Sapphire wafers represent a key inflection point to obtain these goals. A recent SEMI survey identified key parameters and dimensions critical to enabling manufacturing automation across multiple manufacturing steps.
Rate the Estimated Effect on the Industry
2: Major effect on an industry sector - identify the relevant sector

Rate the Estimated Technical Difficulty of the Activity
II: Some Difficulty - Disagreements on known requirements exist but developing consensus is possible

2. Scope:
a: Define the areas to be covered or addressed by this activity or document:
Define physical geometry of 150 mm diameter sapphire wafers used in HB-LED manufacturing. Nominal values and tolerances to be addressed include
Wafer Diameter
Bow, Warp
Edge Shape
Orientation Fiducial
ID Marks
Surface Properties
Bulk Properties

b: Expected result of activity
New Standard

3. Projected Timetable for Completion:
a: General Milestones
a. Activity Start: 07/13/2011b. 1st Draft by: 09/01/2011
c. Preballot by: d. Technical Ballot by: 01/03/2012
e. Committee Approval By:03/15/2012

Safety Considerations:
The resulting document is expected NOT to be a Safety Guideline

Intellectual Property Considerations:
a. In complying with the standard or safety guideline to be developed, the use of patented technology or a copyrighted item(s) is NOT required
b. The body of the standard and any appendices or related information sections will NOT include copyrighted material

Comments, Special Circumstances: None.

Approval: Activity approved by Committee/GCS on July 14, 2011