SEMI International Standards
SEMI New Activity Report Form (SNARF)

Activity Number: 5069
SNARF for: New Standard: Specification for 450 mm Wafer Shipping System

Originating Global Technical Committee: Silicon Wafer
Originating Technical Committee Region: Japan
Task Force in which work is to be carried out: International 450 mm Shipping Box

1. Rationale: 450 mm wafers are expected to be used for the next generation Fab.
The standards for 450 mm wafer specification (mechanical and developmental wafer) and for 450 mm in-fab carriers & Loadport have been approved at technical committees and some are published already.
Yellow ballot for 450 mm Shipping Box Specification document 4760 was reviewed at SEMICON West 2010, and re-ballot document 4760 A is to be issued for cycle 7, 2010 by solving remaining issues. The development of 450mm Wafer Shipping System Standard is requested as a next step.

Rate the Estimated Effect on the Industry
2: Major effect on an industry sector - identify the relevant sector

Rate the Estimated Technical Difficulty of the Activity
II: Some Difficulty - Disagreements on known requirements exist but developing consensus is possible

2. Scope:
a: Define the areas to be covered or addressed by this activity or document:
- The materials, dimensions and necessary items related to 450 mm wafer shipping system, such as wafer shipping boxes, bags, labels, cushions, secondary containers, pallets, and shipping documentation.
- Review 300 mm wafer shipping system SEMI M45, and define appropriate shipping system for 450 mm wafer.
- Standardization items such as
* Drop Height Assumption
* Wafer Shipping Box Bagging System
* Wafer Shipping Box and Bag Labeling
* Secondary Container Labeling
* Secondary Container
* Cushions
* Pallet
* Shipment Documentation
* Transportation Logistics

b: Expected result of activity
New Standard

3. Projected Timetable for Completion:
a: General Milestones
a. Activity Start: 10/01/2010b. 1st Draft by: 12/03/2010
c. Preballot by: 04/01/2011d. Technical Ballot by: 07/15/2011
e. Committee Approval By:12/01/2011

Safety Considerations:
The resulting document is expected NOT to be a Safety Guideline

Intellectual Property Considerations:
a. In complying with the standard or safety guideline to be developed, the use of patented technology or a copyrighted item(s) is NOT required
b. The body of the standard and any appendices or related information sections will NOT include copyrighted material

Comments, Special Circumstances: None.

Approval: Activity approved by Committee/GCS on September 14, 2010