SEMI International Standards
Technical Committee Charter

Charter of Global Traceability Committee

l Charter
Capture user requirements and develop standards to enable full traceability of materials and other factory resources in semiconductor manufacturing. This will include marking and identification techniques, encode/decode methods, inter-company exchange of information, and characteristics of marking/reading sub-systems needed by the industry, from semiconductor, flat panel display, and other materials manufacturing through final product assembly and test.

l Scope
Standards of traceability including and not limited to:
Encode/decode hardware and software
Common symbologies
Active/passive transponders
Key concepts, behaviors, and requirements to enable Single Device Traceability for the Supply Chain

l Current Activities

      1. Standards/Activities for ID and Tracking

      --ID of Wafers and Other Substrates
      -Chip marking
      -Reticle ID
      -Marking symbology experiments
      -Application of ID tracking to Single Device Traceability for the Supply Chain

      2. Liaison Committees

      -3D Packaging and Integration, Information and Control, PI&C, PV Committees, and Silicon Wafer