SEMI International Standards
Technical Committee Charter

Charter of Global HB-LED Committee

To explore, evaluate, discuss, and create consensus-based specifications, guidelines, and practices that, through voluntary compliance, will;

  • promote mutual understanding and improved communication between users and suppliers of HB-LED (high-brightness light-emitting diode) materials, carriers, automation systems and devices, and
  • enhance the manufacturing efficiency and capability and shorten time-to-market so as to reduce manufacturing cost in the HB-LED industry.
  • to include liaisons and synergies with other SEMI technical committees for the development of HB-LED related standards.

  • The HB-LED standards committee scope will include but not be limited to exploring and developing standards that pertain to common criteria, guidelines, methods for control and comparison of HB-LED related process / metrology equipment, materials, components, or manufacturing operations in whole LED supply chain.  It will also seek to support the international need for increasing LED product / process yield and reducing related LED costs.
  •  In addition to the above, the committee will also facilitate any industry initiatives towards product standardization needs.