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Below you will find a list of recently created Standards task forces and new activities. Please click on a particular task force or document, for more information.

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SNARF Doc 5313 - Revision of SEMI MF1535-0707 Test Method for Carrier Recombination Lifetime in Silicon Wafers by Noncontact Measurement of Photoconductivity Decay by Microwave Reflectance
SNARF Doc 5404 - Withrawal of SEMI MF657-0707E Test Method for Measuring Warp and Total Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Noncontact Scanning
SNARF Doc 5604 - Line Item Revision to SEMI M1-0114, Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafer and SEMI M20-0110, Practice for Establishing a Wafer Coordinate System (Re: Addition of Notchless 450 mm Wafers)
SNARF Doc 5701 - Line Item Revision of SEMI M1-0114, Specifications for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers, to correct references to test methods for measurement of front surface chemistry
SNARF Doc 5702 - Line Item Revision to M68-1108, Practice for Determining Wafer Near-Edge Geometry from a Measured Height Data Array using a Curvature Metric, ZDD
SNARF Doc 5703 - New Standard: Guide for Carrier Recombination Lifetime Measurements in Electronic Grade Silicon
SNARF Doc 5704 - Reapproval of SEMI M43-1109, Guide for Reporting Wafer Nanotopgraphy
SNARF Doc 5705 - Reapproval of SEMI M67-1109, Practice for Determining Wafer Near-Edge Geometry from a Measured Thickness Data Array Using the ESFQR, ESFQD, and ESBIR Metrics
SNARF Doc 5706 - Reapproval of SEMI M70-1109 Practice for Determining Wafer-Near-Edge Geometry Using Partial Wafer Site Flatness
SNARF Doc 5707 - Revision of SEMI M40-1109, Guide for Measurement of Roughness of Planar Surfaces on Silicon Wafers with title change to Guide for Measurement of Roughness of Planar Surfaces on Polished Wafers
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