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Below you will find a list of recently created Standards task forces and new activities. Please click on a particular task force or document, for more information.

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SNARF Doc 5890 - Revision to SEMI T7-0415 Specification for back surface marking of double-side polished wafers with a two-dimensional matrix code symbol
SNARF Doc 5918 - Reapproval of SEMI T12-0710: Specification for Tracing Jigs and Implements
SNARF Doc 5919 - Reapproval of SEMI T13-1104 (Reapproved 0710): Specification for Device Tracking: Concepts, Behavior, and Services
SNARF Doc 5920 - Reapproval of SEMI T16-0310: Specification for Use of Data Matrix Symbology for Automated Identification of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Masks
SNARF Doc 5921 - Reapproval of SEMI T19-0311: Specification for Device Marking
SNARF Doc 5922 - Reapproval of SEMI T20-0710: Specification for Authentication of Semiconductors and Related Products
SNARF Doc 5923 - Reapproval of SEMI T8-1110: Specification for Marking of Glass Flat Panel Display Substrates with a Two-dimensional Matrix Code Symbol
SNARF Doc 5924 - Reapproval of SEMI T9-1110: Specification for Marking of Metal Lead-frame Strips with a Two-dimensional Data Matrix Code Symbol

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