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Below you will find a list of recently created Standards task forces and new activities. Please click on a particular task force or document, for more information.

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SNARF Doc 6019 - Line item revision of SEMI M1-0416, Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers
SNARF Doc 6041 - Line Item revision of M21-1110 Guide For Assigning Addresses To Rectangular Elements In A Cartesian Array
SNARF Doc 6042 - Line Item Revision to SEMI MF1763-0706 (Reapproved 1111)Test Methods for Measuring Contrast of a Linear Polarizer
(Title correction for conformance)
SNARF Doc 6043 - Line Item Revision to SEMI MF28-0707 (Reapproved 0912) Test Methods for Minority Carrier Lifetime in Bulk Germanium and Silicon by Measurement of Photoconductivity Decay
(Title correction for conformance)
SNARF Doc 6044 - Line Item Revision to SEMI MF673-1014 Test Methods For Measuring Resistivity Of Semiconductor Wafers Or Sheet Resistance Of Semiconductor Films With A Noncontact Eddy-current Gauge
(Title correction for conformance)
SNARF Doc 6045 - Line Item Revision to SEMI MF928-1014 Test Methods For Edge Contour Of Circular Semiconductor Wafers And Rigid Disk Substrates
(Title correction for conformance)
SNARF Doc 6046 - Line Item Revision to SEMI MF1982-0714 Test Methods For Analyzing Organic Contaminants On Silicon Wafer Surfaces By Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography
(Title correction for conformance)
SNARF Doc 6047 - Reapproval of SEMI MF728-1106 (Reapproved 1111) Practice for Preparing an Optical Microscope for Dimensional Measurements
SNARF Doc 6048 - Reapproval of SEMI MF978-1106 (Reapproved 1111)Test Method for Characterizing Semiconductor Deep Levels by Transient Capacitance Techniques
SNARF Doc 6087 - NEW STANDARD: Test method for nitrogen content in silicon by charged particle activation analysis
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