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SNARF Doc 6205 - Line Item Revision to SEMI M43, Guide for Reporting Wafer Nanotopgraphy
SNARF Doc 6206 - Line Item Revision to SEMI M78, Guide for Determining Nanotopography of Unpatterned Silicon Wafers for the 130 nm to 22 nm Generations in High Volume Manufacturing
SNARF Doc 6207 - Line Items Revision to SEMI M1-1016, Specification for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers (Add Shape metrics of Bow 3p in appendix 2 which was mistakenly removed at previous ballot, and add Illustrations of Shape Metrics for Silicon Wafers in Appendix 2.)
SNARF Doc 6264 - Reapproval of SEMI M8-0312 - Specification for Polished Monocrystalline Silicon Test Wafers
SNARF Doc 6265 - Reapproval of SEMI M38-0312 - Specification for Polished Reclaimed Silicon Wafers
SNARF Doc 6266 - Reapproval of SEMI MF110-1107 (Reapproved 0912) Test Method for Thickness of Epitaxial or Diffused Layers in Silicon by the Angle Lapping and Staining Technique
SNARF Doc 6267 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1188-1107 (Reapproved 0912) Test Method for Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption With Short Baseline
SNARF Doc 6268 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1388-0707 (Reapproved 0412) Test Method for Generation Lifetime and Generation Velocity of Silicon Material by Capacitance-Time Measurements of Metal-Oxide-Silicon (MOS) Capacitors
SNARF Doc 6269 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1392-0307 (Reapproved 0512) Test Method for Determining Net Carrier Density Profiles in Silicon Wafers by Capacitance-Voltage Measurements with a Mercury Probe
SNARF Doc 6270 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1527-0412 Guide for Application of Certified Reference Materials and Reference Wafers for Calibration and Control of Instruments for Measuring Resistivity of Silicon
SNARF Doc 6271 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1569-0307 (Reapproved 0512) Guide for Generation of Consensus Reference Materials for Semiconductor Technology
SNARF Doc 6272 - Reapproval of SEMI MF950-1107 (Reapproved 0912) - Test Method for Measuring the Depth of Crystal Damage of a Mechanically Worked Silicon Wafer Surface by Angle Polished and Defect Etching
SNARF Doc 6273 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1619-1107 (Reapproved 0912) Test Method for Measurement of Interstitial Oxygen Content of Silicon Wafers by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy with p-Polarized Radiation Incident at the Brewster Angle
SNARF Doc 6274 - Reapproval of SEMI MF1630-1107 (Reapproved 0912) Test Method for Low Temperature FT-IR Analysis of Single Crystal Silicon for III-V Impurities
SNARF Doc 6275 - Reapproval of SEMI MF2074-0912 Guide for Measuring Diameter of Silicon and Other Semiconductor Wafers
SNARF Doc 6276 - Reapproval of SEMI MF374-0312 Test Method for Sheet Resistance of Silicon Epitaxial, Diffused, Polysilicon, and Ion-implanted Layers Using an In-Line Four-Point Probe with the Single-Configuration Procedure
SNARF Doc 6277 - Reapproval of SEMI MF397-0812 Test Method for Resistivity of Silicon Bars Using a Two-Point Probe
SNARF Doc 6278 - Reapproval of SEMI MF523-1107 (Reapproved 1012) Practice for Unaided Visual Inspection of Polished Silicon Wafer Surfaces
SNARF Doc 6279 - Reapproval of SEMI MF525-0312 Test Method for Measuring Resistivity of Silicon Wafers Using a Spreading Resistance Probe
SNARF Doc 6280 - Reapproval of SEMI MF576-0812 Test Method for Measurement of Insulator Thickness and Refractive Index on Silicon Substrates by Ellipsometry
SNARF Doc 6281 - Reapproval of SEMI MF84-0312 - Test Method for Measuring Resistivity of Silicon Wafers With an In-Line Four-Point Probe
SNARF Doc 6282 - Reapproval of SEMI MF671-0312 Test Method for Measuring Flat Length on Wafers of Silicon and Other Electronic Materials
SNARF Doc 6283 - Reapproval of SEMI MF95-1107 (Reapproved 1012) - Test Method for Thickness of Lightly Doped Silicon Epitaxial Layers on Heavily Doped Silicon Substrates Using an Infrared Dispersive Spectrophotometer
SNARF Doc 6284 - Reapproval of SEMI M56-0307 (Reapproved 0512) - Practice for Determining Cost Components for Metrology Equipment Due to Measurement Variability and Bias
SNARF Doc 6292 - Line Item Revision to modify the nonconforming title of SEMI M31-0708 MECHANICAL SPECIFICATION FOR FRONT-OPENING SHIPPING BOX USED TO TRANSPORT AND SHIP 300 mm WAFERS
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