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Below you will find a list of recently created Standards task forces and new activities. Please click on a particular task force or document, for more information.

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SNARF Doc 5816 - Revision to SEMI F30-0710, Start-Up and Verification of Purifier Performance Testing for Trace Gas Impurities and Particles at an Installation Site
SNARF Doc 5997 - Revision to SEMI C3-0413, Specifications for Gases
SNARF Doc 6000 - Revision to SEMI C57-0305 (Reapproved 0211), Specifications and Guidelines for Argon
SNARF Doc 6002 - Revision to SEMI C59-1104 (Reapproved 0211), Specifications and Guidelines for Nitrogen
SNARF Doc 6003 - Revision to SEMI C60-0305 (Reapproved 0211), Specifications and Guidelines for Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
SNARF Doc 6050 - Line Item Revision to Modify the Nonconforming Title for SEMI E16-0611, Guideline for Determining and Describing Mass Flow Controller Leak Rates
SNARF Doc 6054 - Reapproval of SEMI E18-0211, Guide for Temperature Specifications of the Mass Flow Controller
SNARF Doc 6055 - Reapproval of SEMI E27-0611, Guide for Mass Flow Controller and Mass Flow Meter Linearity
SNARF Doc 6056 - Reapproval of SEMI E28-1110, Guide for Pressure Specifications of the Mass Flow Controller
SNARF Doc 6057 - Reapproval of SEMI E29-1110, Terminology for the Calibration of Mass Flow Controllers and Mass Flow Meters
SNARF Doc 6058 - Reapproval of SEMI E66-0611, Test Method for Determining Particle Contribution by Mass Flow Controllers
SNARF Doc 6059 - Reapproval of SEMI F29-0997 (Reapproved 0611), Test Method for Purge Efficacy of Gas Source System Panels
SNARF Doc 6060 - Reapproval of SEMI F70-0611, Test Method for Determination of Particle Contribution of Gas Delivery System
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