SEMI International Standards
SEMI New Activity Report Forms (SNARFs)
& SEMI Task Force Organization Forms (TFOFs)

Below you will find the TFOFs of all the task forces actively working in each region. The TFOF contains the charter and purpose of each task force.

The SNARFs that are listed under each task force are the individual activities of the task force. While the majority of these activities lead to the creation or revision of a standard, there are some activities which are focused on exploring and expanding the program.

If you have any further questions on a specific activity, contact your local Standards staff. A listing of global SEMI Standards staff can be found on the contact information page.

Blank forms
TFOF (DOC 115K) (Feb 2020)
SNARF (DOC 133K) (Nov 2021)

The listing of SNARFs and TFOFs below are sorted by Global Technical Committee, and then by the region that approved the TFOF.

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Show details for 3D Packaging and Integration3D Packaging and Integration
Show details for Automated Test EquipmentAutomated Test Equipment
Show details for Automation TechnologyAutomation Technology
Show details for Compound Semiconductor MaterialsCompound Semiconductor Materials
Show details for EH&SEH&S
Show details for FacilitiesFacilities
Show details for Flat Panel Display (FPD) - Materials & ComponentsFlat Panel Display (FPD) - Materials & Components
Show details for Flat Panel Display (FPD) - MetrologyFlat Panel Display (FPD) - Metrology
Show details for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE)Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE)
Show details for GasesGases
Show details for HB-LEDHB-LED
Hide details for Information & ControlInformation & Control
Show details for ChinaChina
Show details for JapanJapan
Show details for KoreaKorea
Hide details for North AmericaNorth America
Show details for Advanced Backend Factory IntegrationAdvanced Backend Factory Integration
Show details for Diagnostic Data Acquisition Task Force NADiagnostic Data Acquisition Task Force NA
Show details for Energy Saving Equipment Communication Task ForceEnergy Saving Equipment Communication Task Force
Show details for Fab & Equipment Computer and Device Security (CDS) Task ForceFab & Equipment Computer and Device Security (CDS) Task Force
Show details for GEM 300 Task ForceGEM 300 Task Force
Hide details for Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Task ForceGraphical User Interfaces (GUI) Task Force
6743 Revision to SEMI E95-1101, Specification for Human Interface for Semiconductor
Manufacturing Equipment
TFOF Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Task Force
Show details for NA Information and Control CommitteeNA Information and Control Committee
Show details for Process Control System NAProcess Control System NA
Show details for Process Control System NA Task ForceProcess Control System NA Task Force
Show details for Sensor Bus Task ForceSensor Bus Task Force
Show details for TaiwanTaiwan
Show details for Liquid ChemicalsLiquid Chemicals
Show details for MEMS / NEMSMEMS / NEMS
Show details for MetricsMetrics
Show details for MicropatterningMicropatterning
Show details for PhotovoltaicPhotovoltaic
Show details for Photovoltaic (PV) - MaterialsPhotovoltaic (PV) - Materials
Show details for Physical Interfaces & CarriersPhysical Interfaces & Carriers
Show details for Silicon WaferSilicon Wafer
Show details for TraceabilityTraceability

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