TFOF for Chemical Analytical Methods Task Force
SEMI International Standards
Date Prepared: 09/18/1999
Revised (if Applicable): 08/13/2016

Name of Task Force (TF): Chemical Analytical Methods Task Force

Global Technical Committee: Liquid Chemicals
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America

1. Charter: (State the objective of the proposed TF.)
1. Review analytical methods and in each case recommend a reference method to the SEMI Process Chemicals Committee for adoption as SEMI Standards
2. Reapprove Liquid Chemical Standards when required

2. Scope: (Define the specific activities that the TF will conduct.)
1) Provide technical input for analytical methods;
2) perform technical review and revise as necessary the existing analytical methodology contained in current SEMI Standards;
3) resolve analytical issues through the use of task forces;
4) expand and clarify the definition of analytical terms;
5) communicate the status of all work in progress to subcommittee members between Liquid Chemicals Committee meetings

3. Formal linkages with TFs in other Regions/Locales: (Show each associated TF and its parent global technical committee; indicate nature of relationship – global TF, observer TF, etc.)
Liquid Chemicals & Gases Committee (Europe)
Liquid Chemicals Committee (Japan)

4. Formation Date:(TF formed on)

Task Force formed on: 09/18/1999
Task Force approved by Committee/GCS on: