SEMI International Standards
Date Prepared: 07/22/2009
Revised (if Applicable): 10/21/2010

Name of Task Force (TF): Equipment Cleanness Task Force

Global Technical Committee: Facilities
Originating Technical Committee Region: Korea

1. Charter: (State the objective of the proposed TF.)
Clean Technology is critical to the semiconductor production line. If a semiconductor production line does not operate in ultra-clean levels, foreign material introduced during the process may prevent production of semiconductor device. The objective of this TF is to maintain the cleanness level inside of process and manufacturing equipments.
2. Scope: (Define the specific activities that the TF will conduct.)
The TF intends to provide various activities for cleanness levels.
3. Formal linkages with TFs in other Regions/Locales: (Show each associated TF and its parent global technical committee; indicate nature of relationship – global TF, observer TF, etc.)

4. Formation Date:(TF formed on)

Task Force formed on: 07/14/2009
Task Force approved by Committee/GCS on:

The TFOF was issued by Korea Facilities WG and approved by NA Facilities committee on July 14, 2009 at frist.
After Korea Facilities committee formation on July 16, 2010, it reapproved on Oct.21, 2010. The leader changed from "Kwang Sun Kim" to "Insoo Cho"