SEMI International Standards
Task Force Organization Form (TFOF)

Task Force Name: Seismic Liaison Task Force

Global Technical Committee: EH&S
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America

1. Charter:

Liaise with the Japan EHS Committee Seismic Task Force to help ensure North American membership concerns, information and experience are considered in, and to generally contribute to, the development of resulting standards or standard change proposals by the related Japan task force.

2. Scope:
Meetings (including face to face meetings during NA Semi standards development meetings), emails, teleconferences as needed to communicate effectively with the Japan task force, and ballots as needed to revise particularly S2 or create a new related standard.

3. Formal linkages with Task Forces in other Regions:
Formally linked to the Seismic task force under the Japan EHS Committee.

4. Approval:
Task Force formed on: 07/11/2013