SEMI International Standards
SEMI New Activity Report Form (SNARF)

Activity Number: 5524
SNARF for: Revisions to SEMI E156-0710, Mechanical Specification for 450 mm AMHS Stocker to Transport Interface, with title change to Mechanical Interface Specification for 450 mm AMHS Stocker to Transport Equipment

Originating Global Technical Committee: Physical Interfaces & Carriers
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America
Task Force in which work is to be carried out: 450 mm AMHS Task Force

1. Rationale: Add 450 FOSB and MAC to objects to be transported (currently 450 FOUP only).
Modify expressions that may cause misunderstanding.

Rate the Estimated Effect on the Industry
3: Major effect on a few companies - identify the relevant companies

Rate the Estimated Technical Difficulty of the Activity
I: No Difficulty - Proven concepts and techniques exist or quick agreement anticipated

2. Scope:
a: Define the areas to be covered or addressed by this activity or document:

1. Modify the title to “Mechanical Specification for Interface between 450mm AMHS Stockers and Transport Equipment (ex. OHS and OHT)”.

2. Modify the first sentence of the “Purpose” as the following: “This specification defines the mechanical interface at transfer of 450-carriers to be handled by 450mm AMHS. 450 carriers should exclusively indicate FOUP, FOSB and MAC for 450mm wafers.” Replace all “FOUP” and “450 FOUP” with “450-Carrier” in the document.

3. Add descriptions of newly defined 450 FOSB and MAC. Add the description “Refer to SEMI M80” for 450 FOSB and “Refer to SEMI E159” for MAC.

4. Determine a single term where “STK LoadPort” and “AMHS LoadPort” are used in the document.

5. Others.

b: Expected result of activity
Revision to an existing Standard/Guideline

3. Projected Timetable for Completion:
a: General Milestones
a. Activity Start: 06/06/2013b. 1st Draft by: 09/01/2013
c. Preballot by: d. Technical Ballot by: 10/03/2013
e. Committee Approval By:12/03/2013

Safety Considerations:
The resulting document is expected NOT to be a Safety Guideline

Intellectual Property Considerations:
a. In complying with the standard or safety guideline to be developed, the use of patented technology or a copyrighted item(s) is NOT required
b. The body of the standard and any appendices or related information sections will NOT include copyrighted material

Comments, Special Circumstances:

Approval: Activity approved by Committee/GCS on June 6, 2013