TFOF for Diagnostic Data Acquisition Task Force NA
SEMI International Standards
Date Prepared: 03/22/2001
Revised (if Applicable): 11/10/2010

Name of Task Force (TF): Diagnostic Data Acquisition Task Force NA

Global Technical Committee: Information & Control
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America

1. Charter: (State the objective of the proposed TF.)
To manage the equipment data acquisition (EDA) interface standard suite and related standards, e.g., E139.
2. Scope: (Define the specific activities that the TF will conduct.)
The primary focus of the DDA Task Force is to support and refine the equipment data acquisition (EDA) interface standard suite. This includes SEMI E120, E125, E128, E132, E134, E138, E145, and E147.

The characteristics that need to be addressed in equipment data acquisition specification include:
1. Multiple clients
2. Access to data independent of the equipment online/offline state
3. Access to data independent of the current ownership of the control of processing
4. Access control
5. A variety of acquisition semantics necessary for consumption by different application types
6. Acquisition of data originating from equipment subsystems and their individual components, such as sensors, actuators, accumulators, etc.
7. Discovery and management of data acquisition configuration
8. Discovery of the structure and organization of the equipment and its subsystems and components

The DDA Task Force is also responsible for SEMI E139 (Specification for Recipe and Parameter Management, RaP), in particular to maintain consistency in the usage of the XML/SOAP communications.

Teleconferences will be held as necessary and face-to-face meetings will be held at the three annual NA standards meetings.

3. Formal linkages with TFs in other Regions/Locales: (Show each associated TF and its parent global technical committee; indicate nature of relationship – global TF, observer TF, etc.)
DDA will work with other TFs to assure standards produced are consistent with related standards. This coordination will be ensured by the NA I&CC.
4. Formation Date:(TF formed on)

Task Force formed on: 03/22/2001
Task Force approved by Committee/GCS on:

The Task Force was originally formed on: 03/22/2001
TFOF revised on July 14, 2005.
TFOF revised on November 10, 2010