SEMI International Standards
Date Prepared: 04/04/2011Revised (if Applicable):

Name of Task Force (TF): Ultra Pure Water Filtration Efficiency Task Force

Global Technical Committee: Liquid Chemicals
Originating Technical Committee Region: North America

1. Charter: (State the objective of the proposed TF.)
The goal of the task force is to develop a new method of quantifying UPW (Ultra-pure water) final filter performance for the filters with a pore size of 5-15 nm and less.
2. Scope: (Define the specific activities that the TF will conduct.)
The scope of the task force is limited to the development of a new standardized methodology for the measurement of the efficiency of the UPW filter for removal of the particles of the 5-15nm size. The task force will review existing available techniques and methods of the particle measurement at the target size. The most effective method/s will be selected for feasibility/applicability experiments. The experimental work will involve several filtration products. Based on the success of the experimental work, the testing procedure will be described in the document submitted for ballot as a reference method for approval/publication.
3. Formal linkages with TFs in other Regions/Locales: (Show each associated TF and its parent global technical committee; indicate nature of relationship – global TF, observer TF, etc.)
The Task Force will include representatives from different filtration and analytical companies. The intent is to effectively engage UPW ITRS members in the development of the specification that will address both regional and cross-industry representation needs.
4. Formation Date:(TF formed on)

Task Force formed on: 04/12/2011
Task Force approved by Committee/GCS on: 04/12/2011